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New House Home Loans researches over 40 different lenders and over 2,000 loan products to provide you with the best loan for your individual needs. We have a loan specialist for your home, your car, your business and equipment leasing. We can also discuss the 'pros & cons' of Debt Consolidation! Call one of our mobile loan consultants now, and see if we are able to save you money!


Our mobile loan consultants are fully qualified and accredited with the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA), the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL) and maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance. New House Mobile Loan Consultants are all qualified with Certificate IV Financial Services (Finance/Mortgage Brokering).

What we do

Our mobile loan consultants use specialised computer software that seek over 2,000 loan products which filters down the right loan and bank/lender for you! All in the less than 60 the comfort of your own home!

By your side

Through out the life of your home loan, our mobile loan consultants will be in regular contact with you. The 'New House Home Loans Annual Health Check', determines whether you can save money each month. This service is at no charge.

Cost to you

Our mobile loan consultants offer their services at no charge to you. The bank/lender selected, pays our loan consultant commission out of their profit which is disclosed to you upfront during our initial appointment. Not only do you save money and have a qualified expert help you assess over 30 banks/lenders, but you will save yourself 'mountains' of time!

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