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First Home Owners

Congratulations on looking to buy your first home!

We specialize in this area and here are the top 7 reasons why!

  1. We are fully accredited with Home Start
  2. We have 40 other banks & lenders to approach on your behalf
  3. We provide you with a complimentary licensed buyer's agent to assist in the negotiation
  4. We organise and apply for the First Home Owners Grant on your behalf
  5. We provide RP Data reports to you at no charge!
  6. Our technology displays each step and what you can expect 'next'
  7. 90 days Complimentary Home Contents Insurance

...and something small as a house warming gift!

Melissa & Marty Anderson

"Well we are finally in our Newhouse! After all our hard work saving we finally got what we wanted!!

...Thankyou so much for all your hard work that you have done and for putting up with us all the time ringing you lol. Now to unpack..the fun part...

Thanks everyone can you all go to Newhouse Home Loans on Facebook and like their page. They did a great job helping us and will for you too!!!"

Melissa & Marty Anderson – Evanston Gardens, SA